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Promoting Fair, Safe, Competition

It is a natural progression of my career that I should put my years of experience to use as a judge.  As a judge I have a responsibility to the competitors to share my honest opinion of their performance.  I enjoy the opportunity share these insights in way that is instructive that will help the competitor move forward with their horse.  As an American Driving Society judge, I am bound to the Licensed Officials Code of Conduct.

I make every effort to remain mindful of the fact that I am judging the horse that is front of me on the day of competition, not a horse that I knew two years ago, or the horse that it could be.  I have received many compliments from competitors and officials for my ability to officiate accurately and diplomatically.  If you are putting together an ADS recognized combined driving trial or event, please keep me in mind as one of your judges.

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Combined Driving Judge "r"

As recorded (r) judge in combined driving I may serve as a President of the Jury (head judge, or solitary judge) at combined driving arena trials, horse driving trials, or events that offer training level through intermediate levels.  I may serve as secondary judge, but not as president of the jury or a solitary judge at events that offer the advanced level.

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Pleasure Driving Shows

I have not yet met all of the requirements to hold the ADS license for Pleasure Driving shows.  However, if you are planning a pleasure show that you do not intend to have recognized by the ADS, you may hire me as your judge.

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Schooling Shows

Schooling shows have the freedom to follow a relaxed format the encourages drivers to build their skill.  As an instructor and a judge, I enjoy schooling shows as much as anything else.  I have the opportunity to communicate more openly with competitors sharing advice, and making suggestions where appropriate.

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Judging Fees

$350 per day, plus travel, accommodations and meals (more info below). Since there are only so many dates available I have to insist upon a 50% deposit no later than 6 weeks prior to the competition date. This deposit is non-refundable unless I must cancel for health or personal reasons. Checks should be made out to: “Coachman’s Delight, Inc.”

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Cancellation Policy:

All competition dates are rain or shine unless conditions become unsafe, so bring your raingear. Competitions cancelled less than 6 weeks prior to the date will be credited the amount of the deposit toward judging with in 1 year of the original date. If a make up date has not been scheduled with in 1 year of the original clinic date, the deposit will be forfeited. Competitions cancelled less than 72 hrs prior to the competition date will be responsible for the full fee, plus any expenses associated with the clinic.

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Competition hosts are responsible for the cost of transportation from Medway, Mass to the competition location.  I'm always happy to help plan my travel is the most budget sensible way.  I prefer to avoid travel arrangements that require that I leave Medway before 5am, or return home after 12am.  In most cases, as a judge I should be on site the day before a competition officially begins.  I usually prefer to travel home in the afternoon or evening soon after the conclusion of competition. 

Travel Day Fee

There will be a travel day charge in the event that I must travel more than a day in advance of the competition, or if it is not possible for me to return home on the last day of competition (such as arriving on a Thursday evening for a competition that starts on Saturday).  I am always willing to with hosts with-in reason to make the competition as budget friendly, while bearing in mind that this is profession and main source of income.  A typical travel day fee is $200 for about 6 hours of travel time.

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By Car

For competitions in New England and the surrounding region, travel by car is the most sensible.  Mileage is determined with 32 Cottage St, Medway, MA 02053, as the start and end point.  The cost is 75¢ per mile, round trip.  If the location is more than 6 or 8 hours from me it’s usually most economical that I travel by air.

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By Air

I try to remain budget minded, so I will take what flights I have to in order to keep costs down, with in reason. Multiple plane changes are not recommended as they can easily interfere with scheduling, and add significantly to the travel time.  I can fly out of either T.F. Green airfield in Providence, RI., or Boston's Logan airfield.  While Boston offers a greater range of direct flights, it cost nearly twice as much to park or shuttle there. 

It is best if I am picked up at the airport or a rental car is arranged.


I prefer to book my own flights.  If there is someone willing to donate frequent flyer miles for the competition, they may book the flight for me.  Since most economical airline tickets are non-refundable I must have the funds for the flight before I book it.

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Whenever possible I prefer to stay in a reputable hotel that has handicap accessible rooms. This means that the bathroom and shower are set in a way that makes it possible for me navigate on one leg & crutches or a wheel chair. When this is simply not available (or the hotel options are a little dodgy) I am happy to stay with a host family that can provide similar accommodations. I prefer an attached private bath where I can leave my prosthetic equipment set up for the weekend. The biggest threat to my leg is infection. So at the end of the day it is essential that I am fastidious about cleanliness, and am able to leave my equipment to dry where it will remain clean and undisturbed.

As judge I can not be hosted by a competitor in the competition unless that competitor is entered "HC", also known as "For Honors."

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Even judges need to eat.  Please don't forget to feed me while I am judging (most importantly breakfast.)  I am not a vegetarian, and I don’t have any food allergies that I know of. I love trying new foods, especially if they are spicy.  Metabolism is wasted on the very young. I’m finding that it’s a little easier to gain than loose. Try not to hit me with too many carbs & cals, so my leg will still fit the next morning! :-) 

I don’t think I’m that complicated, but I thought a list might be a better answer than “whatever”.  If you want specifics, here's my regular foods list.  This isn't some sort of crazy must have menue.  It's just what I normally eat.  Don't feel like you have to go out and have some special food just for me!

Things I eat a lot of:

Breakfast: Chobani Greek yogurt with Kashi Golean Crunch, Blueberries, Mellon, COFFEE, lots of coffee! with cream and Equal

Snacks: Zone Perfect bars, Balance Bars, Cliff Bar, Grapes, Bananas, Snickers bars (not too many of those!) Diet cola or flavored water

Lunch: Chef or Cesar Salad with grilled chicken, Low fat Cottage Cheese, Avocados (yum!)Roast Beef (pink) with lettuce mayo pickles and horseradish, white or wheat bread

Dinner:  Chicken, Fish, Steak (medium rare), Rice, Salad, Spinach, Broccoli, Potatoes (If dining out I prefer the local favorite to the national chain)

Drinks: Coffee (lots required in the morning) Diet Pepsi or similar Soda; Purified Bottled water (Aquafina or similar) ; Corona Light, Sam Adams Light, White Wine (sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay)

Alternatives that I sometimes eat:

Breakfast: Grape-nuts, Egg Sandwiches (ham or bacon egg and cheese), Croissants; English muffins;

Lunch:Hamburger; All beef hot dogs; Beef; Chicken; Hot wings, Pizza

Dinner: Mexican Food; Chinese Food; Seafood; Soups

Sports drinks; Tea; Red Wine

What to feed me if you were disappointed with the competition:

Spam; Tuna casserole; Chitlins; Cat Food; Eggplant; Cauliflower; Cabbage; Sauerkraut; Baby food; Sourdough; Pumpernickel; Doughnuts; Canned Beer

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